August 2010 Plead the blues


"Nobody leaves without singing the blues." This one starts off with a swamp shack dance, but the blues soon dry out and we hit the road. Desert driving until the clouds roll in.

A mix of late 90s house and techno from Detroit and Germany.

Soul Center - That's Wild
Theo Parrish - Dusty Cabinets
Losoul - Synchro
Ricardo Villalobos - Tub
Vanquieur - Elevation II (Reprise)
Rhythm and Sound - Mango Drive
Autechre - Drone
Underground Resistance - Codebreaker
Millsart - Gamma Player
John Tejada - 12 Volts of Soft Spread

Microhouse, techno
May 2010 Looney Choons @ RTRFM 92.1 - 7 May 2010


Whenever I visit Perth, I make a point of going up to the RTR studio for Looney Choons. It's good fun playing music in there, it's just a nice and quiet room with a good soundsystem and a city full of listeners - night owls, clubbers, people driving home. Years ago we would regularly get calls from two bakers who were listening, presumably whilst baking. I've got a few recordings from back then. It's a fantastic station with many good shows - Underground Solution was and is my favourite radio show.

I went back there recently and it remains as fun as ever. This recording is made up of all sorts of dance music I've been enjoying in the last year (and a couple of cheesy advertisments for tickets to see Mick Malthouse).

Dubstep, techno, garage
January 2010 Snow


A selection of music appropriate for the weather.

Hauschka - Ginsterweg (from Snowflakes and Car Wrecks)
Inch Time - Icicles and Snowflakes
Ezekial Honig - Fractures and Fissures
Robin Saville - Snow Jewel
Tenniscoats - Aurora Curtains
The Necks - Drive By
Harold Budd - As Long As I Can Hold My Breath
Fluxion - Atlos
Carl Craig - Es. 30
Vainqueur - Elevation
Indio - Snowdrifts

January 2010 Cross My Mind


A little while ago someone asked me to make a mix for their birthday. I decided to try making a computer mix. It's pretty fun, so I made another one, for public consumption. This mix goes around the way from nice summery jazz, folk and r+b, to some pleasant electronic and ambient, and picks up the pace towards the end.

I Want You - Erikya Badu
Soul Quality Quartet - Toda Tersafeira (Jazzanova Rework)
Marc Mac Presents Visioneers - Runnin
José González - Killing for Love
Dani Siciliano - Come As You Are
Inch-time - squeezebox
Jill Scott - Cross My Mind
Burial - In McDonalds
Carl Craig - Dreamland
Atom. - Wellen Und Felder II
Autechre - Inhake 2
Fourtet - She Moves She
Pivot - Didnt I Furious
PerceeP - Throwback Rap Attack (Oh No Remix)
Kode9 & The Spaceape - Backward
STAGGA - Lopside (Doshy remix)
Dusk + Blackdown - ConFusion (feat. Farrah)

r+b, folk, jazz, ambient, electronic, rock, hiphop, dubstep
2003-ish Aesoteric 2


Really proud of this one. Lots of different styles but everything works together, all the tunes are great, and many people have said they like it.

This mix was done for the aesoteric night, a weekly music night in Perth, Western Australia, and so all the different styes of music represent what you'd hear if you went down to aesoteric of an evening.

Matmos - For the trees (Matador)
Ruiz Lopez - ?? (What? music)
Cinematic Orchestra - Real Life (Ninja Tune)
Kiln - Ero (Ghostly)
The Matthew Herbert Big Band - Simple Mind (Soundslike)
Rhythm & Sound- Music Hit You (Burial Mix)
Pole - Slow Motion (Mute)
Madlib - Please Set Me At Ease (Stones Throw)
Prefuse 73 - The Color of Tempo (Warp)
Forss - Soundhack (Sonar Kollective)
Caural - Goodbye May Kasahara (Chocolate Industries)
Rechzentrum - Slate (Mille Plateaux)
Fourtet - She Moves She (Domino)
Prefuse73 - Styles That Fade Away (Warp)
Alex Cortex - Inwards (Ann Aimee)
Twerk - Passage of Private Life (Mille Plateaux)
Jackstone - Jilly Bean (Proptronix)
Bergheim 34 - Random Access Memory (Klang)

electronic, folk, jazz, dub, hiphop, glitch
2004-ish Aesoteric 3


Also quite proud of this one. Another mix for the aesoteric night. Same deal as the Aesoetric 2 mix - bunch of different styles, a nice blend of music.

1. flanger - music to begin with (n tone)
2. flotel - whispering city (expanding)
3. mice parade - steady as she goes (fatcat)
4. alva noto + ryuichi sakamoto - aurora (raster-noton)
5. burnt friedman, jaki liebzeit, david sylvian - the librarian (nonplace)
6. roisin murphy - love in the making (echo)
7. fourtet - sun, drums and soil (domino)
8. ammoncontact - a satellite's return (ninja tune)
9. jneiro jarel - n.a.s.a (kindred spirits)
10. hedde gyn nieuwe jurk - de 17 pieces met je zu samen (rockwell)
11. hedde gyn nieuwe jurk - de 17 pieces met je zu samen (rockwell)
12. hedde gyn nieuwe jurk - de 17 pieces met je zu samen (rockwell)
13. hedde gyn nieuwe jurk - de 17 pieces met je zu samen (rockwell)
14. prefuse 73 - sabbatical with options (warp)
15. daedelus - just briefly (ninja tune)
16. bus feat. mc soom t - diamond in the rough (~scape)
17. dave miller - before you leave (background)
18. john zorn / jaimie saft trio - astaroth (from masada book 2) (tzadik)

electronic, folk, jazz, dub, hiphop, glitch